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Winter retreat

​Behind the eyes, the seeing.

MAY 29th to June 2nd



Participant – How can I remain completely silent, if my mind...

Satyaprem – You will not be completely silent. You only think that because you don't know who you are. The first basic thing is to know who we are. When you know who you are, many of the questions you are asking will be irrelevant, will not make any sense.

There is no separation between you and Silence. You are the Silence and the Silence is singular – there are no two “silences”. Silence cannot be measured, it cannot be measured, it is immeasurable. Silence is all there is.

Noises are definitely plural, but Silence is not. Do you conceive of "distinct silences"? No. Removing the misunderstanding takes us directly to Silence. The moment you begin to understand, the chips begin to fall, and you go straight into Silence.

Silence is inherent and is just waiting for you to pay attention to it. See carefully if you are everything you think you are. See if you are this body, see if you are your mind. Investigate this and observe what remains despite all the answers, behind all the answers. Forget the mind, it is on the surface, like noise. Go deeper and access the supreme answer and the supreme answer is the purest Silence.

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Whenever we rectify the known and succumb to logic, we move away from what is bringing the new, the unknown. Satsang, however, works in reverse. Satsang reminds us of who we really are and takes us away from who we think we are.

This environment is peaceful when it reaches your heart and is seen, if it is not seen, if it is imagined, it becomes confusing, very confusing and you keep trying to be the person you think you are. But if you saw it, if you looked in the right place, it's painless.

Simply recognize that you are nothing like you are thinking and that in the presence of this, all is beauty, silence, peace. If you look at the right place, it is immediately accessible. If you look in the wrong place, not only is it inaccessible, it appears to exist. In fact, this makes this secret that we are sharing here even more complex, because it does not exist at all. Only in sensory terms is it inaccessible. That's why stillness is almost fundamental.

Some things are precise and precious in our encounter. One of them is to give your eyes time to close, cutting off contact with the external appearance for a certain time. This stillness, this absence of movement, necessarily leads us - almost as if magnetically - to the sensation that is not silence, but that is neighboring, is the limit. Because in the stillness of the body and mind, we understand that our system is engaged in movement all the time.

If you understand this, you observe yourself. And Satsang is accessible to anyone who has already observed themselves. Otherwise, it is neither accessible nor desirable. On observation, we know that everything that really matters is inside. Anything.


Start: March 27th at 6pm

•The first satsang will take place after dinner, around 9pm.
•It is possible to arrive throughout the day. Subject to extra accommodation/food fees.
•Satsangs will take place at 12pm and 6pm. Each meeting lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

End: March 31

• On March 31st, the last satsang takes place at 6pm.
• Your registration package includes your stay at Sítio Leela until breakfast the next day.
• We will coordinate departures from Sítio Leela to the airport between taxi or van reservations, depending on the need.
• After this period, your stay at Sítio Leela will be subject to extra daily charges.

It is important to know that transport is not included and must be coordinated directly with private drivers. If you book a van, production takes care of scheduling. The distance between Sítio Leela and Porto Alegre airport is just over 100 km. We recommend that you allow at least an hour and a half for this journey.

Recommended drivers

Fábio +55 51 98021 0115

Célio +55 51 98042 5588

Paulo +55 51 98036 1372

•We have not adopted any arbitrary viral control measures, however we kindly ask that you always consider being very careful on your journey (plane, taxi) and in the previous week.

• We are not responsible for controlling any viral condition, but we will be attentive and remain careful. In case of symptoms, safety measures will be adopted.

• Notify us if you have come into contact with people who have shown symptoms or tested positive for Covid.



First, confront all the concepts that inhabit your mind, then rest on what becomes explicit through this new vision free of concepts and preconceptions. Everything becomes simpler and more beautiful when the primordial concept of “I” is destroyed.




​Values and Accommodation

Registration includes meetings with Satyaprem, food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and accommodation from 6pm on May 29th until breakfast on June 3rd.
Prices will vary depending on the type of accommodation chosen.
It is possible to participate in the entire retreat or book by night.

See the photos of the rooms!

SATSANG – May 29th to June 2nd


– In case of partial participation, daily prices include the schedule relating to the 24-hour stay on Sítio Leela.

• Payment methods are:

-- Bank transfer/PIX

-- Cash: Real, Dollar, Euro (check the exchange rate with us before the event)

-- Credit card (subject to operator fees)

-- International transactions are also subject to carrier fees

-- It is possible to pay in up to 4 installments. If necessary, contact us for further installments.

• In case of cancellation, please notify us by May 15th. In this case, half of the reservation amount will be refunded or used for a future event. If you communicate to us after this date, there will be no refund.


•See our rooms, click here!
•We do not provide bed linen and towels. But you can request it by paying the fee of R$110.
•All bedrooms have pillows and blankets.

• We prepare your room for your arrival, however, you are responsible for its maintenance during the retreat.

• We appreciate your care in not smoking in the rooms or in nearby areas. As well as respecting spaces and moments of rest and silence.

• We share all common areas, animals (swimming pool, lake, river, garden, horses, living room with pool table and Wi-Fi connection.


•Without following any fixed eating pattern, Sítio Leela transitions in a balanced way between vegetables and some types of meat, offering us a balanced cuisine.

•Your registration includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and evening tea. At LeelaBar you can buy drinks and some snack options at alternative times.
•Our kitchen does not commit to any specific diet. However, we can offer alternatives according to your needs, for the three main meals. Desserts and snacks will be out of this demand. In case of restrictions, we suggest that you bring snacks/sweets according to your diet.



Confirm your presence by paying in advance
— In the case of a room with a shared bathroom, the amount to be deposited is: R$500
— In the case of a suite, the amount to be deposited is: R$ 1,000

This amount will be deducted from your registration total.



1. Click the button below and fill out our form.

2. Make the payment for the reservation:


PIX: Leelahouse Ltda.

CNPJ: 35679528 0001 13


3. Send the receipt to


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​Born in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in the early 80s, he had his first contact with the enlightened master Osho, from whom he received the name Satyaprem, which means "Love for Truth". He studied Journalism, dedicated himself to Photography, Painting and Poetry; publishing his first book in 1983 – "PA" – in Rio de Janeiro.


For approximately twenty years, he has been focused on working with Therapy and Meditation, working in Brazil, Europe and India as part of the Multiversity team of therapists, from Osho Commune International. Among therapies, he specialized in Primal Therapy, Family Constellation, Tantra and Kinesiology. His work with meditation was based on Satori, Awareness Intensive, an intensive process of self-inquiry based on the structure of the Japanese Rinzai Zen Schools and perfected by Osho with his meditations.


In 2000, the "end of the search" was revealed to him and, since then, he has called on people to awaken to their original nature, sharing the "Encounter with Truth" (satsang) through lectures and retreats, in addition to books that contain excerpts from these meetings.


For 22 consecutive years, Satyaprem has held the Carnival Festival at Sítio Leela, in addition to other retreats throughout the year – both at Sítio Leela and in some cities in Brazil, Europe and the USA.

Find out more:


​Photos from previous retreats



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