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Âncora Início

Carnival Festival
with satyaprem

  From February 2nd to 13th  

  Sítio Leela  

The only way out is inside.



February 2nd to 6th

Based on the Japanese Rinzai Zen School and the self-inquiry work of Ramana Maharshi, this work, developed by Charles Berner, was refined by Osho and has been coordinated by Satyaprem since 1987, taking place over the last 22 consecutive years with exclusivity at the Carnival Festival.


An intensive process that invokes the realization of who you are beyond the body, beyond the mind. A direct and non-transferable experience. A leap into the unknown.


Participation in this first part of the festival must be total. To participate in Satori, it is not possible to arrive after the start date. You must be prepared to remain immersed during these days, far from routine and external calls. The program involves active meditations, an exclusive diet and self-inquiry exercises, under a silent, monastic structure that supports the investigation of the koan "Who am I?". 

Start: February 2

It is not possible to arrive after this day to participate in SATORI. Check-in between 10am and 7pm.

There will be a van leaving Salgado Filho airport (POA), in Porto Alegre, at 3pm, on February 2nd,

on the way to Sítio Leela.

End date: February 6th

There will be a last group meeting at 6pm that day.

We recommend that you remain on site until  tonight or, at least, until breakfast the next day. As it is an intense process, this break before traveling is welcome.

If you are interested in using the transport van collective, it is necessary to request your reservation with the event production team.  The cost of transportation is approximately R$60 and must be paid at the time of travel.

But it is also possible to schedule the trip with one of the  drivers we reccomend.

It is important to know that the distance between Sítio Leela and Porto Alegre airport is approximately 100 km.

We suggest reserving at least 1:30h for the journey.

Values and Registration

How to get to Sítio Leela?
We recommend that you schedule the transfer with one of the drivers we recommend.
. Fábio _ 51 98021 0115
. Célio _ 51  98042 5588

. Paulo _ 51 98036 1372
Please keep in mind that the distance between Sítio Leela and Porto Alegre airport is approximately 100km. We suggest reserving at least 1:30h for the journey.


Âncora Satori


February 6th to 13th

Satsang means “encounter with the truth”. In the words of master Osho, satsang means narrow proximity to the truth; it means close to the truth, close to a Master who has become one with the truth – simply being close to him, open, receptive.

Since 2000, Satyaprem has held satsangs in retreats at Sítio Leela, some cities in Brazil, Latin America, the United States and Europe.


In this retreat module, it is possible to participate fully or on a daily basis. And, if you need it, we have Wi-Fi internet access.




Âncora Satsang

Start: February 6

• On the 6th the first satsang will take place at 6pm. 

• From the 7th to the 13th there will be a satsang at noon and another at 6pm, except on the 12th and 13th.

• As part of our evening programming, we will have Showtime on the 11th, after dinner.

You can prepare an artistic act to perform, or join a group during the retreat.

• Our Carnival ball will be on the night of the 12th. On that day, we will only have 1 satsang.

Bring your costume to the party! But we also provide some.

End:February 13

• On February 13th, we will have the final satsang at 6pm.

• You can stay at Sítio Leela until breakfast on the 14th.

• A van will leave to the airport, on the 14th, at 10am.

• For this retreat, there is no possibility of checkout after the 14th.


How to get there to Sítio Leela?
We recommend that you book the transfer with one of the drivers we recommend.
. Fábio _ 51 98021 0115
. Célio _ 51  98042 5588

. Paulo _ 51 98036 1372
Please note that the distance between Sítio Leela and Porto Alegre airport is approximately 100 km. We suggest reserving at least 1:30h for the journey.

• For this period of the retreat, we will not adopt any health protocol. However, we ask that you pay attention to prevention and care recommendations to avoid further inconvenience.

• Sítio Leela is not responsible for controlling any viral condition, but we will be alert to the presence of symptoms and, if necessary, distancing measures will be adopted by our medical team.

• In any case, always feel free to wear protective masks indoors or take any other precautionary method.



Dive inside yourself and see what no words or feelings can define.Come closer, recognize and then assume the truth you are.





Âncora Investimento
Captura de Tela 2023-11-28 às 01.18.11.png


Born in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in the early 80s, he had his first contact with the enlightened master Osho,  from whom he received the name Satyaprem, which means "Love for the Truth". He studied Journalism, dedicated himself to Photography, Painting and Poetry; publishing his first book in 1983 – "PA" – in Rio de Janeiro.


For approximately twenty years, he focused on working with Therapy and Meditation, working in Brazil, Europe and India as part of the Multiversity team of therapists, from Osho Commune International. Among the therapies, he specialized in Primal Therapy, Family Constellation, Tantra and Kinesiology. His work with meditation was based on Satori, Awareness Intensive, an intensive process of self-inquiry based on the structure of the Japanese Rinzai Zen Schools and perfected by Osho with his meditations.


In 2000, the "end of the search" was revealed to him and, since then, he has called on people to awaken to their original nature, sharing the "Encounter with the Truth" (satsang) through lectures and retreats, in addition to books that contain excerpts from these meetings.


For 22 consecutive years, Satyaprem has held the Carnival Festival at Sítio Leela, in addition to other retreats throughout the year – both at Sítio Leela and in some cities in Brazil, Europe and the USA.






Âncora Contato
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